ASP.Net Articles

01) Your first Application

In this article, we will create our first ASP.Net application using the C# language. This is a Step by Step with an explanation in the middle when it required. Read Here

02) Control Validation

This article makes you understand what is validation control, how will you use server side controls. We will create simple asp dot net page to create a user account creation page. Below is screen shot of the... Read Here

03) Using SQL DataSource

In this article we are going to see how we use the SQLDataSource server side control. Also we will have a look at Grid that displays the table rows. Have a look at the below page... Read Here

04) ImageMapButton in

ImageMapButton is a server side control, which allows you to display an image take an action when the particular part of the image is clicked. Think about that you are working on a Car sales website... Read Here

05) Default Focus and Default button in Web Forms

In this short article I will show the importance of setting the focus to the control. Also I will show the example for setting the default button for a form and also setting a default for group controls. Read Here

06) Calendar Control in Application

The Calendar control in allows you to pick a date. Why we need a control like this for picking a date that involves navigation when I easily type the date in a specific format.. Read Here

07) AdRotator Control

AdRotator control is useful for displaying the advertisements. This control acts as a placeholder for the image and the image is actually a link to advertised web site. So when an image displayed by the AdRotator control is clicked, the user will navigate to the link that corresponds to that advertised image... Read Here

08) SQLDataReader and SQLCommand

Almost every business web application makes use of databases to store and retrieve data. is next generation to the ADO (Activex data Objects). In this article we will retrieve some column data from the employee table of the NorthWnd database. Read Here

09) Understanding and using ASP.Net Web Configuration tool

Web configuration files are important for all the programmed web sites. Every application requires some kind of settings that tells the application how should it behave. Also it comes handy when we use as all the settings goes in one place and if somebody wants to change some settings they know this one stop placeRead Here

10) Dynamically Updating web.config file

Web site settings are supplied by the web.config file. The settings are like connection strings, how many users allowed etc. Sometimes the situation arises that the configuration settings to be added or revoked without re-starting the server. In this article, we will see a demo of how do we... Read Here 

11) Using ObjectDataSource Control

In this article we are going to see the usage of the Object Data Source control. We will create the web page with a GridView control and link that control to theObjectDataSource control... Read Here

12) Using ObjectDataSource Control

Using Fromview Control you can bind the database fields with a suitable controls. This article shows how to form a FormView control and then perform the DataManipulation on the Underlying tables. Read Here

13) CustomValidator Control

This Article and supporting video explains how do you use Asp.Net CustomValidator control with client side scripting as Validation function. Read Here

14) Dynamically applying web themes

This article shows how do we use application style sheet and skin files on web pages. It explains creation of the themes and applying that dynamically to web pages. Read Here

15) Asp.Net Designing Master Pages

This article shows how do you create web site by making use of the master pages which defines outer shell for your application. Read Here

16) Asp.Net Navigational Controls

This article explains the usage of the ASP.Net Navigational Controls SiteMapPath, TreeView and Menu. The example in the previous article is taken and site navigational controls are added to it.  Read Here

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